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Maitake Mushroom, Fucoidan, + Vitamin C enhance cancer cell death and prevention

Amazing new research showcasing Maitake Mushroom and Fucoidan from Seaweed working synergistically with Vitamin C to enhance cancer cell death and even prevent cancers!!

Fucoidan from Seaweed

For Fucoidan, recent research shows that a complex of Fucoidan and Vitamin c show antioxidant properties that markedly destroy cell matrix via matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs). Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are a group of enzymes that in concert are responsible for the degradation of most extracellular matrix proteins during organogenesis, growth and normal tissue turnover.

In human speak, this is the set of proteins and factors that help degrade and grow normal tissue.

Why is this important? Major causes of mortality such as tumor invasion and metastasis use MMPs to help the growth of cancers. It is known that the invasion of tumor cells through the basement membranes is a crucial step in the occurrence of metastasis. If you can stop the cancers from growing, you have stopped cancer in its tracks.

Whats more amazing about the the Fucoidan-Vitamin C is that it has MMP-suppressing properties and preferentially inhibited tumor invasion without cytotoxicity (cell death) to normal cells and the authors suggested it as a potent tumor-invasion suppressor.

The complex kills cancer cells and leaves health cells alive - incredible!!!

For the mushroom, Maitake, there are two crucial studies speaking to Maitake and Vitamin C inhibiting and effecting destroying cancer cells. According to the authors, Fei Zhao, et. al, an apparent "synergistic effect" occurred that killed 53.93% in the first 24 hours and 65% in the second 24 hours of a liver cancer cell line, known as SMMC-7721 cells. Cell cycle analysis identified cell cycle arrest (death) at the G2/M phase following treatment for 48 hours.

Maitake Mushroom

Reader beware - technical info incoming

A western blot analysis revealed that the upregulation of BAX, downregulation of Bcl-2, activation of poly-(ADP-ribose)-polymerase (PARP), and the release of cytochrome c were observed in cells treated with the combination of Maitake and Vitamin c, which showed that the mechanism of anticancer activity in the SMMC-7721 hepatocarcinoma cells involved induction of apoptosis (cell death). In essence, this is the pathway as to how the Maitake-Vitamin C complex is proposed to kill the cancer cells.

Infinimin Label

Note, however, this is considered "in vitro" or in a petri dish for those that are unaware of the term. More work is needed to get to human trials.

Amazing work that will benefit many!!

Today, our unique patented blends have been paving the way while the scientific community catches up. We have Fucoidan from three different seaweed species, Maitake mushroom, as well as 100% RDA Vitamin C as part of our patented Infinimin® Immunity multivitamin that is already out on the market!


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