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In every product we have a select set of key organic extracts from around the world. From our research, we feel these natural extracts significantly complement the overall health of the individuals following a healthy lifestyle. Our focus is on quality over quantity - in each product, you will find on the most effective and efficient extracts creating a truly unique set of products at unique prices.




I have so much more energy now at the end of the day!!  I'm taken back when I get home from work - I feel like I could go another 8 hours!

Taylor Gasbarra, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

"I had a tumor on my right kidney and ovarian cyst disease.  After taking Infinimin®, I no longer have ovarian cysts and my tumor is gone!  My physicians were amazed!  


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Products - Infinimin®, Infiniderm®
In our flagship products, Infinimin® and Infiniderm®, there are extracts that appear to promote dramatic immunostimulating as well as youth promoting properties. Below you will find some of the basic information publicly available today as well as reference links for more information if needed. We request you inform yourself enough about our product before you make an informed decision to buy
Fucoidan - from seaweed - becoming the most potent immunity stimulator on earth In our product, this extract from brown seaweeds [from Kombu (昆布, laminaria japonica), Wakame (솽셹솯, undaria pinnatifda) and Bladderwrack, (Fucus vesiculosous)] has shown significant promising immunostimulant and skin-youth promoting properties¹*. Fucoidan has blossomed the past 10 years with evidence based research and dramatic study results illustrating anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-cholesterol, and anti-obesity properties, and many other related health benefits making it one of the most promising health support extract in the world from our ancient oceans. Having evolved and survived an intense environment of our oceans for over 3 billion years, seaweeds are one of our oldest and most beneficial plants to complement our overall daily diet.²
β-glucans - from mushrooms - broad spectrum anti-aging and immune enhancers Extracts (β-glucans) from specific mushrooms have been shown to have multiple immune supporting properties³*. Maitake mushroom (舞茸, grifola frondosa), also know as "Hen of the Woods", Cordceps sinensis, as well as Reishi mushroom (靈芝, ganoderma lucidum), also known as "Immortal Mushroom", have been used in Asian cultures for thousands of years for what is now known as one of the broadest immunmodulators in history³. Tremella Fuciformis is the mushroom of choice for Asian cultures to promote healthy, youthful looking skin. Mushrooms are one of the oldest land based plants and are the "decomposers" of ecosystems recycling nutrients and allowing new growth to occur
Acai Berry - one of the most potent antioxidants in the world The Acai berry (euterpe oleracea) from Brazil has shown to be the most potent anti-oxidant (anti-aging) in the world. In the lab, Acai has been found to possess remarkable antioxidant activity in human cells, even when diluted to one part per trillion†. Acai, among all antioxidant extracts, has the most significant impact and supports your cells to stay alive. This support is shown by what is known as the oxygen radical absorbance capacity, or ORAC. While other analytic methodologies may be used, ORAC is often considered preferable because of its biological relevance to antioxidant action in vivo (in living organisms). It measures both the degree and speed with which a certain food inhibits the action of an oxidizing agent, then integrates these two measurements into a single value, producing an accurate assessment of different types of antioxidants of different strengths.

Multivitamins - the essentials Finally, in every bottle of Infinimin®, Infiniderm®, and NaturoCleanse™ there is a base multivitamin panel, that encompasses 100% of Daily Value of 10 essential nutrients to help support your heart health, immunity, eye health and physical energy. Heart Health with Vitamins B6, B12, C, E and Folic Acid; Immunity with Vitamins A, C and E; Physical energy with B-Vitamins, including Thiamin, Riboflavin and Niacin, to help convert food to fuel, and finally, Eye health with Vitamins A, C and E. Moreover, the multivitamin panel may help support the immunemodulation of the extracts, especially Vitamin C‡3.

Product Executive Summary

Infinimin® Immunity Multivitamin

Infiniderm® Daily Youth Lotion


Whitney McLennan, San Diego, CA, USA

I used to get Botox 3 times a year.  I couldn't afford to keep going.  I started taking Infiniderm® and I saw the surgeon who I used to get botox from in the grocery store and they asked if I got a new person to get Botox from as I looked great!  I said I no longer get Botox, I have been using this lotion.  They were astonished!!

Shannon, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

As an elementary teacher, I get colds and flus alot.  Amazingly, since I have been on Infinimin® since 2014, I have yet to get a cold or a flu.  I'm truly amazed!!

Jarod Biley, Minneapolis, MN, USA

"Since beginning my chemotherapy and radiation, I began to lose my hair and wear caps.  I found Infinimin® from a recommendation from a friend that it has ingredients that not only grows hair, but helps manage symptons like hairloss during chemotherapy.  I have started to take Infinimin® and my hair has begun to sprout again during therapy!  It's a tearful surprise!


Related Research on Hair Resotration

Sandra O' Connell, Oklahoma City, OK, USA

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