Our Story - Back to Basics, the way nature "accidentally" intended it to be

Our focus is on quality over quantity.  In each product, you will find the most effective and efficient combination of extracts promoting superior health benefits! 


Above you will hear one of our most dramatic customer testimonials that showcased ovarian cyst disease, kidney tumor, and infertility problems.  After four months of taking one of Infinitum Health products, no ovarian cyst disease, no tumor, and pregnant!


Since the 1940s, about half of all drugs introduced are medicines derived from natural products.  Moreover, 69% of anti-cancer drugs approved between the 1980s and 2002 are either natural products or developed based on knowledge gained from natural products.  Finally, about 75% of plant-derived drugs in clinical use today came to the attention of pharmaceutical companies because of their use in traditional medicines (1, 2).  

What this means is the U.S. pharmaceutical industry has been using nature as a guide to slightly modify compounds and subsequently patent them for use.  We want to go back to basics, the way nature intended it to be.  The earth has been around for 4.5 billion years and the natural selection process is the most effective and efficient process for organisms to develop healthy defense systems against environmental stressors.  We are essentially combining the best of what nature has to offer in patented blends that enhance and complement each other's effect for optimum health benefit.

Nature is a series of random stochastic events that are pressured through the natural selection process of over 4.5 billion years.  There is no better place to look for effective and efficient health promoting products.  We have created simple and elegant formulations with evidence-based research and our own preclinical research.  


Infinitum Health, LLC was created to deliver high quality Integrative Medicine products. Our flagship products, Infinimin® (Immunity Multivitamin) and Infiniderm® (Daily Youth Lotion), combine a base formulation with additional organic extracts proven by evidence-based research for their anti-tumor, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and unique immunostimulating effects. Infinitum Health's vision is to have strong evidence-based research behind every product to help support its use, further its research, and expand its reach across the globe. We feel that by providing the evidence-based research to the consumer, they can be empowered and inform themselves on related health benefits.  We will always recommend working with their physician to see if this is the right product for their specific concerns.  Moreover, we look continue our own research program and provide additional evidence for the efficacy of our products.  We recently completed our "Proof of Concept" study for Infinimin® on four cancer cell lines, and found dramatic results; 


"Statistically significant reductions of cell viability were seen for all 4 cancer cell lines (lung carcinoma (A-549), malignant melanoma (A-375), glioblastoma (A-172), and prostate (DU-145)) following treatment with Infinimin®.  Glioblastoma and Prostate Carcinoma cells were the most sensitive to treatment, showing a dose-dependent response with the highest dose of Infinimin® reducing the viability of Malignant Melanoma and Lung Carcinoma cells."

Research Results 

As Infinitum Health, LLC grows, we plan to have strong evidence-based research behind every product to help support its use, further its research, and expand its reach across the globe.  We feel that by providing the evidence-based research on the natural ingredients to the consumer, they are then empowered to inform themselves on related health benefits.


We look forward to collaborating with our consumers and supporting “health, forever without limits (sm)."



Infinitum Health's Vision is to be the worlds foremost biotechnology firm providing solutions to the largest healthcare problems.


Infinitum Health's Mission to enable said Vision, is to create products that help to reduce disease, reduce pain and support overall health in cancer, viruses, reproduction, skin health, and pain relief.



The Infinitum Health Products are strategically aligned to the Mission, therefore enabling the Vision, provided by evidence-based research are;

Cancer - Infinimin®, Infiniderm®
Viruses - Infinimin®, Infiniderm®, Infinitum Health Soap
Reproduction - Infinimin®,
Skin Health - Infiniderm®, ReLeaf®, Infinitum Health Soap
Pain Relief - Releaf®


More product and alignment channels will be created as evidence-based research is validated and tested.

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