Our Story - Back to Basics, the way nature "accidentally" intended it to be

nature dna

As stated on our home page, we want to go back to basics, the way nature and evolution, accidentally intended.

Nature is a series of random stochastic events that are pressured through the natural selection process of over 4.5 billion years.  There is no better place to look for effective and efficient health promoting products.  We have created simple and elegant formulations with evidence-based research and our own preclinical research.  


As Infinitum Health, LLC grows, we plan to have strong evidence-based research behind every product to help support its use, further its research, and expand its reach across the globe.  We feel that by providing the evidence-based research on the natural ingredients to the consumer, they are then empowered to inform themselves on related health benefits.  


We look forward to collaborating with our consumers and supporting “health, forever without limits (sm)."


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