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Infinitum Health Founder meets Paul Stamets, speaks to collaboration

Good evening,

We had an amazing opportunity to meet one of my favorite authors and trailblazers in medical research, Paul Stamets. Had a remarkable time talking with Paul during his talk this week at the Celebrity Theatre in Arizona. Our brief discussion focused on bill formulation for Psilocybin for medical use (1st Step) here in Arizona. Would love to collaborate with others on this topic and mirror what has occurred in Oregon and Colorado. Paul mentioned he has had roadblocks in WA and we could assist by making another win here in AZ. We are currently reaching out to candidates, such as Abraham Hamadeh for District 8 to bring said bills forward. I have promoted myself as a co-author to bills in AZ but would love further support from others that have political experience or bill writing background. For those not aware, psilocybin has been shown to "reset" the brain chemically from trauma, ptsd for military, rape, and molestation victims, as well as assist in depression and addiction therapy. Truly great experience meeting a person of such humble background and goals.

Cheers to your health,

Kevin Engholdt

Infinitum Health Founder

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