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Infinimin® New Label and New Ingredients!!

Our flagship product, Infinimin®, has gotten a new look and new ingredients!! As more research comes available its important to refine and improve our products even further. Infinitum Health, LLC creates its products based on new research from the National Library of Medicine (PubMed) and SinoMed and uses a proprietary mathematical model to ever improve upon its products. The past two years was a flurry of research in our integrative medicine space as the world attempted to understand COVID-19 and avenues for biological research funding was blown wide open. This brought on a massive amount of integrative medical research that we were able to use, optimize, and redesign our products to stay on top of the most optimized supplements and products for maintaining and improving health. A summary of how we create our products is available in our "Founder's Story" animation.

What's most intriguing is the Food and Drug Association (FDA) contacted us and stated we didn't need to disclose the vitamin panel in our previous label as it may have been duplicative. If you recall, we a base multivitamin panel, largely as the public is more aware of what "vitamins" are, but we weren't required to put that on the label. We did it to help the public feel more comfortable with what they were consuming. When the FDA contacted us they stated this was a nice public safety label but duplicative. The example they gave us, which they were absolutely correct, was the example of Calcium. We had Calcium listed as 5% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) value as we had it as part of a "Base" multivitamin packet. The reality of Calcium in Infinimin® is 75% RDA as the seaweeds in our supplement have enough calcium to equal a 2 full glasses of 2% milk!! They recommended we take off the multivitamin panel even though they thanked us for disclosing what we were required to. Fyi ... seaweed also has 119% Iron RDA and 192% magnesium ... but we just call out the specific seaweeds :)


With this new FDA guidance and new research from the National Library of Medicine (PubMed), we have optimized even further by adding 2 more seaweed species (Rockweed and Dulse) and 2 more mushroom species (Lion's Mane and Tremella). The health benefits these four new ingredients provide are dramatic. We highly recommend all of our customers search National Library of Medicine (PubMed) and use terms from our product to learn more about their potential health benefits.

After all, an educated consumer is a happy consumer!!


We hope you enjoy our new and improved Infimin®

Cheers to your health!!

~ Infinitum Health Team

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