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Fucoidan + Vitamin C Trigger Apoptosis in Colon Cancer

Remarkable new study showing the benefit of Fucoidan (from seaweeds) and Vitamin C and it's ability to destroy cancer cells.

Just another example of how seaweed may benefit from supplementation with daily vitamin regime.

Have a quick read below or download the study pdf for more detailed reading.

Abstract: Brown seaweeds are producers of bioactive molecules which are known to inhibit oncogenic growth. Here, we investigated the antioxidant, cytotoxic, and apoptotic effects of two polysaccharides from the brown algae Colpomenia sinuosa, namely fucoidan and alginate, in a panel of cancer cell lines and valuated their effects when combined with vitamin C. Fucoidan and alginate were isolated from brown algae and characterized by HPLC, FTIR, and NMR spectroscopy. The results indicatedthat highly sulfated fucoidans had higher antioxidant and cytotoxic effects than alginate. Human colon cancer cells were the most sensitive to the algal treatments, with fucoidan having an IC50 value(618.9  g/mL􀀀1) lower than that of alginate (690  g/mL􀀀1). The production of reactive oxygen species was increased upon treatment of HCT-116 cells with fucoidan and alginate, which suggest that these compounds may trigger cell death via oxidative damage.

The combination of fucoidan with vitamin C showed enhanced effects compared to treatment with fucoidan alone, as evidenced by the significant inhibitory effects on HCT-116 colon cancer cell viability. The combination of the algal

polysaccharides with vitamin C caused enhanced degeneration in the nuclei of cells, as evidenced by DAPI staining and increased the subG1 population, suggesting the induction of cell death. Together, these results suggest that fucoidan and alginate from the brown algae C. sinuosa are promising anticancer compounds, particularly when used in combination with vitamin C.


Al Monla, R.; et. al. Fucoidan and Alginate from the Brown Algae Colpomenia sinuosa and Their Combination with Vitamin C Trigger Apoptosis in Colon Cancer. Molecules

2022, 27, 358.

Fucoidan and Alginate from the Brown Algae Colpomenia sinuosa and Their Combination with V
Download • 3.24MB

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