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National Geographic promotes seaweed in diet!

Seaweed National Geographic Okinawa

Excellent article highlighting the extracts in our Infinimin® Multivitamin!!

In the December issue of National Geographic, written by author Dan Buettner (author of "Blue Zone Diet"), showcase key regions and their reasons for long lived populations.

As you might expect, Japan, specifically Okinawa, was highlighted. Some excerpts are a perfect example of why we chose the extracts we did for our Infinimin® Multivitamin!!

Some great excerpts include;

"On Okinawa, as compared with the United States, residents are three times as likely to reach 100, women suffer about half the rate of breast cancer, both sexes are afflicted by a third to a quarter the rate of heart disease, and elderly people die from Alzheimer’s dementia at a tenth to a twelfth the rate."

Islanders consume more than a dozen varieties of seaweed, which he calls “sea vegetables.” This particular one, mozuku, boasts an abundance of fucoidan, an anticancer, antiviral compound that Willcox says may help reverse inflammation, manage blood sugar, and also grow blood vessels.

Even more intriguing, another compound in seaweeds, called astaxanthin, has been linked to a gene that, when activated, seems to tell cells to clean up waste and reduce inflammation, which are at the root of the majority of age-related diseases."

Fantastic writeup by our colleagues at National Geographic!

Highly recommending picking up a copy of the issue as well as your Infinimin® Multivitamin!!

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