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Infinimin® extract synergizes with chemotherapeutic and further increases cancer cell death

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Infinitum Health, LLC

Another great research article purporting just one of our Infinimin® Immunity Multivitamin ingredients, undaria pinnatifida, as synergizing with known chemotherapy to enhance cancer cell death;

"... tumor growth is further inhibited to 85% when the natural compound fucoidan from New Zealand U. pinnatifida is integrated into the treatment regimen ... fucoidan not only enhances tumor growth inhibition, it counteracts the morbidity associated with prolonged lapatinib treatment. Fucoidan doubles the cell killing capacity of lapatinib. These effects are associated with a further decrease in AKT and NFκB signaling, two key pathways involved in melanoma cell survival. More importantly, the enhancing cell killing effects of fucoidan can be recapitulated by inhibiting ERBB3 by either a specic shRNA or a novel, selective ERBB3 neutralizing antibody, reiterating the key roles played by this receptor in melanoma. We therefore propose the use of lapatinib or specific ERBB inhibitors, in combination with fucoidan as a new treatment of melanoma that potentiates the effects of the inhibitors while protecting from their potential side effects."

Here's to your health!

~ Infinitum Health


1. Thakur, et. al. "The natural compound fucoidan from New Zealand Undaria pinnatida synergizes with the ERBB inhibitor lapatinib enhancing melanoma growth inhibition." Oncotarget. January 2, 2017. Source: (

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