• Author: Kevin Engholdt

Diet has influence on living longer?

This month, we are re-posting a unique blog post regarding life. We celebrate life with Misao Okawa, world's oldest living person passing at 117 this month (April 1, 2015)!* As expected, she is from Japan, where the unique diet enables this country to have one of the highest centenarians in history. Read more as to why this unique diet is enabling this beautiful island to live the longest ...

Ever wonder why Japanese citizens live the longest on earth? Have the lowest cancer, HIV, and age-related disease rates?‡ Their diet and lifestyle may be a key clue. What’s unique about this particular Asian demographic are two specific elements in their diets; seaweed and mushrooms. They eat more seaweed and mushrooms than the rest of earth combined. They have grocery store aisles filled with different types of seaweeds and mushrooms. You may think this is odd, but seaweeds and mushrooms have some of the most potent anti-aging and immunostimulant properties on earth. In seaweeds and mushrooms, there is Fucoidan and β-glucans, respectively, that aide in the anti-aging and immunostimulating process. But why Japan? The amazing aspect about this culture is the dramatic radiation damage they received in World War II, that, to this day, should still be causing cancers and disease problems. The very fact that they have the strongest immune systems anywhere, makes this story even more powerful!!

In our bottle of Infinimin® and Infiniderm®, you will find the same key seaweed and mushroom extracts that promote longevity and health!! In essence, "health, forever, without limits." To your health,


* ‡ Life Expectancy statistics. World Health Organization (WHO). 2011.


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