Unique natural products with scientific evidence-based formulations supporting

"health, forever, without limits".​  


Our focus is on quality over quantity.  In each product, you will find the most effective and efficient combination of extracts promoting superior health benefits!


Since the 1940s, about half of all drugs introduced are medicines derived from natural products.  Moreover, 69% of anti-cancer drugs approved between the 1980s and 2002 are either natural products or developed based on knowledge gained from natural products.  Finally, about 75% of plant-derived drugs in clinical use today came to the attention of pharmaceutical companies because of their use in traditional medicines (1, 2).  

What this means is the U.S. pharmaceutical industry has been using nature as a guide to slightly modify compounds and subsequently patent them for use.  We want to go back to basics, the way nature intended it to be.  The earth has been around for 4.5 billion years and the natural selection process is the most effective and efficient process for organisms to develop healthy defense systems against environmental stressors.  We are essentially combining the best of what nature has to offer in patented blends that enhance and complement each other's effect for optimum health benefit.












1. Newman DJ, Cragg GM. Natural products as sources of new drugs over the last 25 years. J Nat Prod 2007;70:461-77.

2. Abelson PH. Medicine from plants. Science 1990;247:513

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