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National Geographic promotes seaweed in diet!

December 28, 2019

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Fucoidan (from seaweed) as potential inhibitor of HIV-1?

Dramatic research showing, yet again, the power of seaweed and its key extract, fucoidan.  This study speaks about the incredibly deadly Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV-1).  It speaks to fucoidan's ability to inhibit the actual binding of enveloped viruses, specifically, HIV-1.  According to the research, " ... all natural fucoidans can be considered as potential anti-HIV agents ... ".  




Even more amazing, is that it highlights one of our seaweed species in our Infinimin®product, saccharina japonica (also know as laminaria japonica).  


The authors conclude the research by stating, "The investigated fucoidans suppressed transduction of Jurkat cells by pseudo-HIV-1 particles that contain envelope protein HIV-1 regardless to structure of carbohydrate backbone. The data obtained allows us to consider all investigated natural high molecular weight fucoidans as potential anti-HIV agents, because their efficiency against lentiviral transduction was demonstrated at low concentrations (0.001–0.05 µg/mL)."


Excellent research study performed by our Russian colleagues in Molecular Biology.  We look forward to seeing more like it in the future!!




1. "Fucoidan as potential inhibitors of HIV-1".  Prokofjeva, et. al.

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