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Fat busting Seaweed!

Get your New Year's Resolution off to a great start!!! New research has shown that seaweed supplementation actually helps you lose weight!!

A lower incidence of metabolic related disorders were observed in seaweed consumption populations. Metabolic disorder includes things like obesity, hypertension and diabetes (1).

Over several decades, epidemiological data indicated an inverse correlation (negative correlation) (that’s negative for those not familiar with the term) between prevalence of metabolic diseases and seaweed consumption. That means the more seaweed one consumes, the less prevalent are metabolic diseases. . The protective effects of marine food, specifically seaweed, rely on their lipids, especially n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA). Dr. Micallef et al. (Micallef, Munro, Phang, & Garg, 2009) reported lower Body Mass Index (BMI) and waist and hip circumference when there was a higher plasma level of n-3 PUFA. This suggests marine oil from seaweed and other sources may contribute to a healthy weight status and prevention of fatty deposits (2).

Additionally, new research discloses up to 75% of fat can be blocked from digestion and pushed through the gut. According to the research, alginates isolated from certain types of seaweed, such as bladderwrack (fucus vesiculosus), may have potential in weight loss supplements and foods (3).

Finally, seaweed supplementation is also highly promoted by the popular TV Show, “Dr. Oz.” Dr. Oz speaks to the research above and key aspects as to why this unique supplementation strategy should work for your New Year’s Resolutions! (4)


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