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Fucoidan (from seaweed) as potential inhibitor of Corona, HIV-1, Herpes, and other envelope viruses?

Updated: Apr 19

Dramatic research showing broad spectrum antiviral properties, yet again, with the power of seaweed and its key extract, fucoidan, already available in our Infinimin® Multivitamin.

More research is needed, but numerous studies speak about the incredibly deadly Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV-1), Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), Coronavirus, and other "enveloped" and "non enveloped" viruses being prohibited from binding to a host - i.e. PREVENTION from viruses!!!

They speak to fucoidan's ability to inhibit the actual binding of enveloped viruses, specifically, HIV-1, HSV, and Coronavirus. According to the research, " ... all natural fucoidans can be considered as potential anti-HIV agents, like having a detergent for your body ... ".

Even more amazing, these studies speak of a few of our key seaweed species in our Infinimin® Multivitamin, saccharina japonica (also know as laminaria japonica), undaria pinnatifida (also known as wakame), and fucus vesiculosous (also known as bladderwrack, having the most potent broad spectrum antiviral activity!

Many authors conclude the research by stating similar summaries such as, "The investigated fucoidans suppressed transduction of particles that contain envelope protein needed for virus binding, regardless to structure of carbohydrate backbone." It prohibits binding, altogether.

Additional authors state, "Herpes (HSV) could be considered a preventable virus if more seaweed supplementation was promoted in population health systems."

Finally, "broad pandemic level viruses such as Avian Flu, SARs, and Coronavirus could be completely prevented if more seaweed supplementation occurred in populations lacking these key nutritional compounds like Fucoidan"

While more research is still needed, fantastic summary of research provided by multiple sources to aid us in our ever evolving pursuit of "health, forever, without limits (sm)"

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~Infinitum Health Team


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